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EATB Plate Heat Exchanger Features

Cooperating with the University of Sydney, East Alliance has been running many test for most of the refrigerant evaporating and condensing and set up the calculateion software. Based on your provided refrigerating datas, East Alliance will calculate your excated need and provide the most suitable heat exchanger. Our gasketed plate heat exchanger is more for big size or special fluid or special fluid for its detachable and adjustable features.

We have also developed for a lot of other heat transfer application: HVAC, air drying, waste heat recovery, water to water heat exchanger, cooling and heating of oil /compressed gas /high purity water in medical/food/electronical/and other industrial applications.


East Alliance is a certified plated heat exchanger manufacturer under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, producing UL/CE/RoHS heat exchanger products.

Wide Selection

Smallest size brazed plate heat exchanger Heat transfer area 0.012 m2 per plate, biggest gasketed plate heat exchanger is 1300 m2.

12 Months Warranty

EATB Plate Heat Exchanger are protected under the company's 12-months warranty period for more secure and hassle-free purchases

EATB Plate Heat Exchanger Solution

Having questions on what EATB Plate Heat Exchanger can do for you? Leave us a message! Our customer service experts are more than willing to assist you with your queries.

EATB Plate Heat Exchanger Solution


Compact size and high heat transfer efficiency. Mostly used in refrigeration as evaperator, condenser. Copper and full stainless steel available.


Widely used for industrial heat transfer with its multiple plate and gasket material and large surface and easy installation and cleaning and maintenance


We provide 304 /316 /316L /TA-1A /Ni /HASTELLOY plates, and EPDM /NBR /HNBR / F26 /FTP gasket for all brands.

Why Choose EATB Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturer

East Alliance carries a large selection of plate heat exchangers. No matter what heat transfer capacity you need and what type of fluid, we can always offer you the suitable plate heat exchanger solution.

Wide Selection

East-Alliance Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturer carries a wide selection of products catering to different applications and professional requirements

Fast Delivery

East-Alliance provides 7 days delivery service for sample order. This is to speed up your testing and project running.

Stable Quality

East-Alliance use automatic production line to to ensure production efficiency and quality stability.

Calculation Software

East-Alliance creates own software and provide customers free data calculation and model selection.

Multi-materials Selection

Weast-Alliance provide different plate and brazing and gasket material for all kinds fluid application.

Warranty Coverage

All heat exchangers under the brand are covered by a 12-months warranty policy.

Our Clients Question

We provide free calculation based on your data (fluid/temp/pressure…) and we will send you for confirmation.

EATB Heat Exchanger are suitable for almost any fluid application but beware to choose the correct material for the corrosive fluid.

Yes, the standard BPHE is mostly the same of the 2 side.

Yes. Better to use a Nickel brazed or fusion. Because a stronger chloride is corrosive to the copper.

Yes. We strongly recommend to follow the four aspects:

A free exit on the condense side avoids possible shocks

Steam inlet has to be at the “marked side” on the upper connection. The “marked side” has once channel less and the steam will therefore be surrounded by the liquid side.

Avoid formation of steam bubbles by adjusting the pressure on the secondary side correctly.

Avoid temperature differences over 50℃ in the start up procedure. When heat exchanger is in operation the temperature difference can be increased.”

To be 100% sure you have to do the leaking test to verify the right quality of the unit.

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