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Brazed plate heat exchanger is the sealed upgrade of gasket plate heat exchanger, consists of 2 cover plates and several V-shape middle plates. The intersectant angle of each pair of adjacent plates forms a complex lattice of channels and plentiful contact points. By applying vacuum brazing, the brazing material melts down and forms alloy with substrates, which results in high structural strength and also high heat transfer effciency of thge exchanger.

>Working diagram

brazed plate heat exchanger working structure


Heat pump




Waste heat recovery

Cooling and heating of oil, compressed gas, high purity water in medical/food/electronical/and other industrial applications


> Extremely compact size, less space and easy to install.
> Less weight, equivalent to only 20% of a shell and tube heat exchanger.
> Durable and available in high temperature / pressure.
> Low fouling factor: high turbulence reduces the fouling factor, save cleaning.
> High heat transfer efficiency, less water.